SEO training in lahore

SEO Training in Lahore

What is SEO?

At the start, SEO training in Lahore tells you what is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the marketing and site process to make your content more visible and more valuable to the user. When you are able to create content which explains all about your business or your website. SEO helps you to become number 1 in ranking. SEO helps you to advertise your business. By using SEO you can increase your traffic and you can earn from it. There are two type of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (1) on-page SEO (2) off-page SEO. On-page SEO means that you need to write a great article and enter the keyword in title or in the description. If you strong your on-page SEO then it really helps you to get rank number 1 in google. Off-page SEO means to create back-links on the other website.

SEO training in Lahore

SEO training in Lahore

Why Enroll with Us?

Wd Learning has the team of skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with the years of working experience in SEO(Search Engine Optimization). We will train you on the live projects that enhance your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) abilities and we will give you opportunity to take part in different projects.

  • Career suggestion
  • Online Lecture Support
  • Home Tuition Available
  • Lowest Possible Fee Structure.
  • Advance Level Training
  • Expert and skilled Staff
  • Free Support after class
SEO Training in Lahore

SEO Training in Lahore

Wd Learning SEO courses in Lahore Detail.

Wd learning offer SEO courses in Lahore with professional trainers. In this course, we will give you training on how you get best ranking in GOOGLE and famous your website and earn money from it by GOOGLE AdSense. This is a chance for Students of Bachelors and Master Programs, Fresh graduates and Freelance developers to learn SEO tips, techniques, methodologies and also known about that software which helps you to get excellent rank in Google. From the very first day of your training, you will start receiving the answers to your questions when your trainer will guide you, systematically to your destined training program. Understanding the needs of a practicing trainee and industry worker, like you, our trainer will set the pace for your training activities.

Starting from the basic definition of SEO and then leading you to the different strategies, your trainer will answer all your questions, step by step. When you will complete your program, you will feel thoroughly satisfied. We will give you professional training about All contents. After completing you PHP training we will arrange a test for you. Which help us to know how much you understand. After that, we will give you the certificate which is from GEO TECHNOLOGIES. This certificate will help you easily get the job in the market. Other academies also provide SEO courses in Lahore but his price is very high. only we offer SEO courses in Lahore at the low price which is on time. For Example, if we said that we complete this course for 1 month. So it means that we complete in 1 month.

Course Duration: (4.2 Weeks)

Tuition Fee: 10000 RS

Class Timing Evening 4:30 to 5:30 & 6:00 to 7:00 & 7:30 to 8:30 & 9:00 to 10:00

Also Available Home Tuition

SEO Training in Lahore Course Outline:-

  1. SEO

    • Introduction to SEO and Online Earning
    • Concepts of Off page and On Page
    • Create Your Website
    • Hosting for Website
    • Tools
    • How Search Engines Rank Pages
    • Identify Your Competitors
    • Online target market Identification
  2. On Page SEO

    • Introduction On Page SEO
    • Keyword Research and Optimization
    • Using Keyword Suggestion Tools
    • Creates Effective Title and Meta
    • Optimizing Navigation and Menus
    • A Title, Meta Tag Creation, and Optimization
    • Images SEO with ALT attributes
    • Website testing and Analysis
    • HTML Concepts (Basic)
  3. Off Page SEO

    • Introduction Off Page SEO
    • Create Account on the different website
    • Website Sitemap
    • Directory Submission
    • Blogs Commenting
    • Create Link Wheel
    • Quality Link
    • Link Building Strategies and Techniques
    • Google Indexing
    • AdSense account

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seo Training in Lahore
seo Training in Lahore
seo Training in Lahore
seo Training in Lahore